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Two hot mess moms and best friends, Alex and Karole are the cooks in this kitchen!  We welcome you at our loud table and our crazy adventures here at the basket company. These basket bags have been essential to keeping our lives moving forward with kids, horses, and houses that vibrate with chaos. Between organizing laundry, hauling everything but the kitchen sink, million monotonous mom runs to the grocery store, camping trips,  and as an everyday purse our bags keep on earning their honorary space! These basket bags have made our lives easier and better ….So why wouldn’t we share them with the world?  


From Alex:


I lived in Guatemala fifteen years ago when I was adopting my first child.   Countless hours were spent wearing her on my chest, navigating the cobblestone, and hauling groceries from the open markets.  With my husband back home and me and my little one staying indefinitely in Guatemala ... I needed tools!   I kept seeing Guatemalans carrying these heavy duty baskets full of their groceries. Finally, after searching the markets I found one and my love affair with all this basket could do began.  I loaded it down regularly to haul all my groceries the ten blocks to the market.  It took a beating! That first bag is still having adventures and doing chores with me 15 years later!   I knew these basket bags were awesome! 


Each time I visited Guatemala friends and family put orders in for their basket bags. Schlepping bags for friends became the norm on all my trips back.   In 2019  I dragged my bestie Karole to Guatemala for a much needed mom trip sans kids! You know finding Karole a basket was on the agenda!  Karole had coveted my basket bag for years so naturally we weren't coming home without some!  Ok a lot.  


While drinking coffee (the nectar of the gods) and looking at the volcanoes in the distance…uninterrupted by crazy kids and lots of life, a vision came to light and a plan was hatched … bring these baskets back home and make them easily available to all!  


These baskets aren't just for busy moms, they work for everyone.  So many times we have been out with our baskets and been asked “where did you get that bag”  and so here it is.   Here is where you can get these amazing bags!  Welcome to La Canasta.  Make your life easier and have the La Canasta Experience!   Cheesy for sure! But it isn’t too far from the power of the basket bag ;) 😂

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