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  • How are these basket bags made and what is the material?
    They are handwoven by weavers who are by every definition artists in their craft! No two baskets are ever the same. The material is made from recycled pelleted plastic. It is put through extruders creating a "string". The plastic string is sold in most large markets in Guatemala in every color! A wooden form is made and reused to weave the plastic string into the shapes and styles that we offer to you!
  • How do I wash my bag?
    These bags are super versatile and can be cleaned in your kitchen sink or outside with a hose. We recommend gentle soap and soft brush or sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals and scouring pads as these may deteriorate the plastic over time.
  • How to reshape by bag after shipping or being stored?
    The best way is to use a hairdryer on warm. As the bag warms in the airflow use your hands to reshape it. The material does not need to get hot just warmth will do it. You can also use a towel to shape it. We don’t need to tell you not to microwave it right :)
  • How do I register my bag?
    Keep your BAG TAG. Go to the bag registration page and …. You got it…. Register! When you receive your bag there will be a SKU on the tag and that is your registration code. Again.. KEEP that code :) Once you register your bag you have the lifetime guarantee for replacement should your bag break. (under normal use and if you keep it away from parrots! LOL!) Also, once you're registered, if you sign up for the referral program, we'll link those codes to your account so you can share your bag code physically with others via referral or business card.
  • Do you have a rewards program?
    Yes we do! You can earn Canasta Cash, redeemable for discounts on orders, by clicking on the pink button on the left that says "Rewards". Actions that earn you Canasta Cash are: 1) Making purchases 2) Referring a friend 3) Liking us on Facebook 4) Sharing our page on Facebook 5) Liking us on Instagram
  • If I live outside the Continental US, can I order a bag?
    Absolutely! Please email us (hola .AT. ) with the sku numbers and product name and we can work up a shipping quote. We want these bags to circle the world!
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