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Spend just $99 and receive free shipping! Eat at the buffet of La Canasta and we are sending it all for free baby! 


Everyone hates paying shipping.   We hate to be “that company” and charge shipping but we can’t eat all of that cost ourselves :) 


So if you want just a little tapas of baskets won’t you share a plate of subsidized shipping for smaller orders? We do want to make it simple and economical.  

 - $0-$24.99 is $6.99

 - $25-$49.99 is $13.99

 - $50-$99.99 is $22.99

 - $99.99 and up is free!!! Oferta! 


We are certain you will love our bags!!! But if we set aside our ego for a second we must reasonably entertain that the color was just off for your specific taste of bejeweled blue instead of the ocean blue you received. Perhaps you changed your mind because the winds were blowing East and not West.   Either way we want to make it right! 

30 days no questions asked! You can return your bag.


We are happy to exchange one time for free (Oferta!!) within the 30 days if you are not feeling the vibe of your bag.  


May I remind you that our bags carry a lifetime guarantee?!  Actually a 99.9% guarantee.  If you throw it off the roof we shall replace it! We only have one exception to our generous rule. If you let your parrot eat it we won’t replace it.   You have been warned about the parrots.  It’s the only thing we have found to do any kind of real damage.   Our resident Macaw Bill is heading up our quality control department here at La Canasta.   He is very, very thorough.   


Please don’t include your bag in crash test dummy testing.  Don’t try to maim your bag ;) Common sense would tell you that if you try to cut, maim, modify, abuse, burn, drown, microwave or your kid takes sharpies to your bag we won’t be willing to replace.   


All joking aside, nothing in life is perfect and we don’t want you to worry.   Just contact us to discuss.   You will only pay for shipping and you can choose any bag of the same style and size.   We obviously cannot promise that we have the same bag as they are mostly one of a kind! 


All major credit cards accepted! 


Venmo - (However our host platform doesn’t allow payments with Venmo yet.  Crazy!!! So please make a cart and contact us.   We shall handle your purchase directly!) 

IMS Barter-please make a cart and contact us to make arrangements for the cash shipping fee. 


Contact us via the contact form or via phone: 1 (773) 609-2499


We are very open to selling larger quantities for a variety of retail needs.  Stores, flea markets, boutique shops, and farmers markets are only a few of the possibilities.  Not only can you earn while your doors are open but any customers you drive to the site will be compensated.   We will offer coupon code discounts for your customers which are directly linked to your account.  You keep on earning even after your shop is closed for the day.  



Looking for representatives in all major cities to sell at your farmers markets.  Our baskets make wonderful booths and retain very decent sales.  If you have a kind, dynamic, and go-getter personality please contact us to discuss setting up a unique selling opportunity in your city. We are working on a kit that would provide all of the pieces you need! We are all about spreading the La Canasta love and sharing opportunity.  

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