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Bougie bags are trying real hard to be a little bit nicer than The Everything bag.  In their efforts to outdo their competition this totally bourgeois bag  is a sleeker basket with an air.  


Handwoven in Guatemala  by skilled artisans with recycled plastic it makes it super durable, washable, and fashionable!


The Bougie is wide at the top and tapers down to a more narrow base.   Long handles work for over the shoulder or hand held carrying.  


Product Name: Bougie Bag

Brand: La Canasta

Size Category: Medium

Design and Craftsmanship:

- Handmade: Each bag is unique, handwoven, and made by artisans in Guatemala.

- Material Variations: As a handmade product, it naturally varies slightly in dimension and colors, adding to its uniqueness.

- Not Factory Made:  There are no basket factories in Guatemala!  The variations are what makes them special.


Functional Uses:

1. Everyday Upscale Purse: Ideal for daily use with a touch of elegance.

2. Beach Bag: Suitable for a towel and a water bottle for the beach.  It's easy to clean and the sand just falls right through it!

3. Shopping Basket Bag: Can be used for light grocery shopping, especially impromptu or small-scale purchases.

4. Day Trip Bag: Perfect for outings, for those small essentials like chapstick, water bottle, wallet & phone.


Capacity and Dimensions:

- Visual Reference: Can comfortably fit two bottles of wine with space for some extra items as well.

- Specific Items Fit: Ideal for carrying two bottles of wine, cheese, a baguette, and chocolate, making it perfect for a small picnic or gathering.


Customer Interaction and Service:

- Personalization Requests: All of our bags are slightly different in color & size.  If you have a specific need, reach out to us for colors and pictures.

- Additional Information: Offers to provide more pictures and answer any questions, highlighting customer service and personal shopping assistance.


Overall Appeal:

- The Bougie Bag is marketed as a versatile, artisanal accessory that's perfect, for everyday use or special outings, too. Its handmade nature adds to its exclusivity, making it a fashionable choice for those who appreciate unique, handcrafted items made with elegance.

The Bougie Bag (L) - The Leia

Excluding Sales Tax
  • We are certain you will love our bags!!! But if we set aside our egos for a second, we must reasonably entertain that the color was just off for your specific taste of bejeweled blue instead of the ocean blue you received. Perhaps you changed your mind because the winds were blowing East and not West.   Either way we want to make it right! 

    30 days no questions asked! You can return your bag.

    We are happy to exchange one time for free (Oferta!!) within 30 days if you are not feeling the vibe of your bag.  May I remind you that our bags carry a lifetime guarantee!!!  Actually a 99.9% guarantee.  If you throw it off the roof we shall replace it! We only have one exception to our generous rule: If you let your parrot eat it, we won’t replace it.   You have been warned about the parrots.  It’s the only thing we have found to do any kind of real damage.   Our resident Macaw, Bill, is heading up our quality control department here at La Canasta.   He is very, very thorough.    Though please don’t include your bag in any crash test dummy testing.  Also, don’t try to maim your bag ;) Common sense would tell you that if you try to cut, maim, modify, abuse, burn, drown, microwave or your kid takes sharpies to your bag we won’t be willing to replace.    All joking aside, nothing in life is perfect and we don’t want you to worry.   Just contact us to discuss.   You will only pay for shipping and you can choose any bag of the same style and size.   We obviously cannot promise that we have the same bag as they are mostly one of a kind! 

  • Spend just $99 and receive free shipping (Continental US only; For all other regions, reach out to us) ! Eat at the buffet of La Canasta and we are sending it all for free baby!

    Everyone hates paying shipping.   We hate to be “that company” and charge shipping but we can’t eat all of that cost ourselves :) 

    So if you want just a little tapas of baskets won’t you share a plate of subsidized shipping for smaller orders? We do want to make it simple and economical. 

    • $0-$24.99 is $6.99
    • $25-$49.99 is $13.99
    • $50-$99.99 is $22.99
    • $99.99 and up is free!!! Oferta!


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